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Vision Board Workshop at Island Girl Creative Studio

10017 270th ST NW , Stanwood , United States , WA
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It has been scientifically proven that what you think, feel and say will become your reality. When you create a meaningful vision board and look at it daily, it begins to feel real and comfortable to you and is more likely to materialize in your life.
This interactive hands-on Vision Board workshop explores a range of topics including what a Vision Board is and how you will benefit from having one. You will learn how to tune to into what is meaningful and what type of visuals will help you bring the type of life you dream of to reality. It is time to take charge of your life and begin to work towards creating a life that is aligned with your values and deeply resonates in your heart resulting in increased happiness and well-being.
You will be provided with magazines and materials to create the Vision Board that is perfect for you. Feel free to bring your own magazines, cutouts or photos to class with you to make it even more personalized.
My story: My name is Marla Williams and I am a local Life and Career Coach. Prior to moving to Camano Island, I lived in suburbia and lived a busy yet more stress filled life. I dreamed of living fulltime on an island with a view of the water and the mountains. I dreamed of living in a comfortable and cozy craftsman style home that was perfect for entertaining friends and family. I dreamed of owning a kayak, beachcombing and being more in the flow doing what I loved. Within two years of creating that vision board…I found myself in that exact life. Everything I had depicted had come true!
You can create a new reality for your life! Gather your friends and join Danielle and I at the Island Girl Creative Studio for an evening of fun and transformation.

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10017 270th ST NW , Stanwood , United States , WA
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Mar, 30 - Mar, 30
2019 - 2019


Vision Board Workshop at Island Girl Creative Studio

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