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What type of listing would you like to add?

PLACES and EVENTS listings are open to Stanwood and Camano Island businesses and events.   We will require a commercial business address in 98292 or 98282, and the appropriate business licenses, before approving your Places listing. Events will also be required to list a physical venue in either 98292 or 98282.

Place – Listing for businesses such as restaurants, shops, and offices. Community sites, parks, and other more permanent locations and/or organizations are also included.

Event – More temporary listings such as concerts, fairs, trade shows, community events, holiday celebrations, etc. Events can be associated with a place upon their creation.

  • Before you begin: Search for your business. Many Places listings were created and moved over from our old site. If you find your business, register an account and claim your business. (Your registered Username will be used to associate you with the listing.) Once the claim is approved, you will be able to edit the listing. 
  • Be as complete as possible when creating your PLACES listing. Upload your logo, hours, and photos. Give customers and visitors to our community the needed information to choose you. This is the time for your sales pitch.
  • Choose your region. This allows customers and visitors to find businesses in their location.
               Camano Island- Are you on the north end? The middle?  The south end?
               Stanwood- If you’re close to the Police Department, you’re Eastside
                                  If you’re close to Stanwood Middle School, you’re Central
                                  If you’re close to City Hall, you’re Westside
                                  If you’re close to the high school, you’re Hilltop