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Sunnyshore Studio is a working studio where we work on art, books and films.  Every quarter we host an art show that is open to the public. We don't have regular open hours when we are open. However, we are happy to share a tour of our creative studio and gallery. If you would like a tour give Jason Dorsey a call (317.209.6768).


Sunnyshore Studio is a creative studio on Camano Island, WA. Our mission is to share beauty with the world through art, books, and film.

Since 1947 Camano has been home to our family of artists. Our matriarch is the nationally known Fanny Y. Cory, who moved to Camano Island in 1952 to be near her daughter Sayre Dodgson and her family. Jack and Ann Dorsey moved to Camano in 1969 when Jack began his career as a professional artist. Their son, Jason, a presbyterian pastor, is also an artist/author and the Artistic Director of Sunnyshore Studio. Their daughter April lives on a beautiful farm on Camano and is a talented artist. Their son Jed is a full-time artist and the Director of Acrylic University. Jason's daughter Jacqueline is an art student at Covenant College and recently had her first art show in 2020.

Sunnyshore Studio is located on the southeast side of Camano, in an area called Sunnyshore Acres. The original Sunnyshore Studio, an old fox shed that Jack converted into his art studio, still exists on Jack and Ann's property. The new Sunnyshore Studio that Jason dreamed to showcase their family of artists and to share beauty opened in December 2016. 


2803 Southeast Camano Drive, Camano, WA, USA

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