The Perfect Crab Cake

Photo by Visual Photography.  Recipe from Chef Dennis Newman.  

The Perfect Crab Cake

Nothing says summer in the Pacific Northwest quite like fresh caught Dungeness Crab.  While most locals prefer their crab straight from the shell – sometimes you may want to shake it up a bit.  Introducing the Perfect Crab Cake – with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli – get ready to wow your friends with this recipe!

Crab Cakes with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

(serves 2 people, 4 cakes each)


Dungeness Crab (1lb cooked and shelled – body, leg & claw meat)

Mayonnaise (1/2 Cup homemade or store bought)

Egg (1)

Panko Bread Curbs (1/4 C + 1T)

Lemon Zest (1T)

Italian Parsley (2T minced)

Thyme (fresh 1T minced)

Dill (fresh 2T minced)

Chives (fresh 1T thinly sliced)

Garlic (fresh 2T minced)

Sea Salt (1T)

White Pepper (2T ground)

Worcestershire (2 drops)

Vegetable Oil (2T)

Lemon (1 wedge each)


  1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Combine all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and using your hands, mix well.
  3. Pull out 5 oz portions (they will bulk up a bit with the egg and panko.). Lightly squeeze any excess liquid out and form into a dome shape.  Place onto a plate and lightly flatten the top.
  4. In a saute pan, add 2T vegetable oil.  Turn on medium to medium high heat.  When the oil gets glossy and coverst the entire cooking surface, place your crab cakes down and get a good sear.  This will take 3-4 min.  Using a spatula carefully flip the crab cakes onto the opposite side and sear for 3-4 min.  If the crab cakes are really smoking, turn your heat down a little.  It’s all about the crust!
  5. Finish in oven for about 7 min.  Depending on your oven, it could take up to ten.  We just want them heated throughout as the crab is already cooked.


Red Pepper, Roasted (1/2 C canned or homemade)

Mayo (1 C)

Garlic (granulated 1T)

Lemon Juice (Fresh 1/4C freshly squeezed)

Sea Salt (fine pinch)

White Pepper (ground pinch)


  1.  Add all ingredients into a blender and puree smooth!
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